Flipkart Slide Mobile Phone Review - A Brief Review of This Mobile Phone
By cuterose

Flipkart Slide Mobile Phone Review - A Brief Review of This Mobile Phone

21/01/2022  |   783 Views

The Flipkart Slide is an extremely convenient mobile phone for its ease of use. However, it is not a toy, and it does not have all the features of a phone that you would find on an iPhone or a Blackberry. It does not have a camera, although there are many applications that allow you to take photos and videos with it. It does not have Bluetooth, but it does have Wi-Fi, which will allow you to connect to a wireless network. Plus, it has a battery life of about two hours, so you won't be left stranded in case the battery dies.

But the main attraction of the Flipkart Slide is its slide feature. It allows you to slide your fingers along the touch screen in order to send the phone text message to whoever you need to. While this feature may sound easy enough to execute, it does have a few issues that need to be addressed before it is worth using. First of all, this feature can only be used if the phone has a screen that can accept slide-screen commands. This means that if the phone has a non-slip screen, it will not be able to accept this feature.

Another issue is the lack of memory. The phone has two general memory sizes: 16GB and 32GB. Each size is accompanied by a price tag, which is usually inline with the size of the feature. So, unless you plan to do a lot of downloading, or transferring large files, the two main storage sizes that the Flipkart Slide comes in are not really a problem. The other big problem is that the apps that support this type of memory may not be widely available.

When it comes to features, the Flipkart Slide is actually pretty good. It does have the standard four customizable quick launch shortcuts, like the familiar Android task bar. Also, there are some nice features that come standard on most phones, including the ability to expand your address book by default, and quick to reply to emails as well. One of my favorite features is the slide-to-lock feature, which locks the phone so you won't accidentally unlock while you're on the go.

However, one of my least favorite things about the Flipkart Slide is the interface. The menu functions can often be hit and miss. They often don't give you the full name or application that you might want to use, and if you need them they are inaccessible if you're not particularly handy. The one feature that they do include is an external speaker, but the volume controls are buried away in the side bar, so you may not even realize that they're there. In addition, you may find that the icons used for the shortcut commands aren't all that great, and sometimes you'll have to search for them.

The battery life on the Flipkart Slide isn't nearly long enough to make it worth using when you need a mobile phone that's easy to use. I found myself frequently opening up the dialer to check the numbers and nothing else. Even with the Turbo dialer, calling the same number more than a couple of times in a row would cause the battery to run down significantly faster than it would on a regular phone. Also, they have only text messaging available from their phone. If you need something more than this, like access to Facebook or Twitter, you'll have to pay for it. Other than these two minor complaints, the Slide is otherwise very good.

One final feature that I'd like to mention is the Flipkart Flip Panel. This is a very simple piece of equipment, but it does exactly what it says it does: it flips your phone or PDA into a pen that holds it. While it's very convenient, I think it's one of those features that is better left optional rather than necessary.

All in all, the Flipkart Slide is a nice little device that takes a lot of the frustrations out of mobile phone use. Its simplicity also makes it perfect for someone who doesn't want to deal with any complicated menus or have to deal with remembering different icons. The only thing I would like to call attention to is the lack of screen coverage. While it has a super-fast network and a solid battery life, it just doesn't have anywhere near enough of an LCD to make a call with it.