Domestic Mobile Phone Sales Ranking - July 2021
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Domestic Mobile Phone Sales Ranking - July 2021

30/10/2021  |   622 Views

According to widely published figures, the iPhone 12 sold an astonishing 552,000 units during a certain period in July, which ranks first among smartphone devices, and sales increased to the amount of the second and third places. This clearly indicates how much popular the iPhone 12 really is in the local market. The high-end features of this phone to increase its popularity not only among die-hard gadget fans but also among common users too. This has been the key factor that has made the iPhone highly popular in the market. However, if you would like to buy an iPhone and avail of its benefits, it is important for you to know the steps on how to get a cheap iPhone. This article provides some useful tips.

To start with, it is vital to understand the Mobile Phone Sales Ranking of your favorite smartphone brand. The most reliable website on the Internet that provides vital information on all the brands in the mobile phones industry, as well as the latest information on their product lines, can be relied on. At the end of this article, you will come across a link that will take you to a brief description about the Mobile Phone Sales Ranking of each of the top brands. The report will also tell you how much each handset has left its competitors, so you can easily make up your mind on what to buy next time you go out shopping.

According to the most recent figures, Samsung's iPhone 6 ranked first in the third quarter of this year with a whopping 4.5 percent. This is almost twice as much as the device's sales volume just a few months ago. If you are someone who is very much interested in purchasing an iPhone, you better hurry up as this figure is going to increase very soon.

The second brand in the top five is the brand named as iPhone. The device's sales ranking in the third quarter of this year was fourth in this comparison. Compared to its first and second quarter sales volume, this handset had a higher sales ranking in the fourth quarter. Now this doesn't mean that the iPhone's sales have declined just because of poor sales in the first and second quarter. Rather it means that the popularity of this smartphone continues to be steadily increasing.

The third and fourth brands that made it to the top five of the Mobile Phone Sales Ranking all share one thing in common. They are all rapidly gaining more share from the already established players in the mobile phones industry. There are many small partners in the smartphone market and many of them have been waiting for such a long time for Apple's entrance into the industry.

LG, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry are some of the major players in the Indian mobile phone market and each of them has their own share of share in the overall sales ranking. LG is the largest South Korean company, which also happens to be the third largest manufacturer of mobile phones. The other two brands in this particular ranking are the redmi k40 and the exuberant kids.

LG has maintained its rank in the first four months of this year after it came out with its new dual-core LG jet range which has received great response from the users. It is followed by the redmi k40 which is one of the best selling handsets of this year. Both these handsets are powered by the quad-core LG CPU and have high definition cameras. Other domestic mobile phones in this particular ranking include the chic phones from Samsung and the cheap Motorola phones.

There is another interesting product in this comparison, which is the redmi k40 which is powered by an amazing quad-core processor. It has come up with an amazing mobile phone which provides a lot of power with a stylish design. The main selling point of this handset is that it gives you excellent value for money as it is loaded with high resolution camera and has a high resolution, vivid color screen. Apart from this, it also features a unique feature of launching videos directly to your TV screen. This feature is not available on other smartphones.