Does a Cell Phone Cause Cancer
By cuterose

Does a Cell Phone Cause Cancer

27/08/2021  |   959 Views

Did you know that your mobile phone can cause cancer? Have you ever looked at the display on your phone and wondered what it was doing there? Have you ever wondered how that phone is able to stay on when you are in a wind storm and someone else's phone probably fell off? Is it possible that the radiation is the one that is causing all of these things? You will find out today the answers to these questions.

radiation is a wonderful invention. It has saved people lots of time and helped them communicate with each other in faraway places. The problem is, now we know more about this radiation than before. And the new term to replace radiation is 'electromagnetic radiation' which sounds much more exciting.

So what exactly is electromagnetic radiation and why does it cause these problems? These days, scientists have found evidence that shows us that cell phones can indeed cause health problems. In fact, these recent findings suggest that cell phones can be as dangerous as tobacco. Are you beginning to see what this means? This is because cell phones are very similar to tobacco in many ways. This recent research suggests that cellular phones are as bad for our health as cigarettes.

How exactly do these things happen? There is a good reason that criminals carry around mobile phones: they allow them to talk to other criminals while they commit crimes. And this is why;

Now, this doesn't mean that human health is in danger from using mobile phones. But you should be concerned about your personal health. I am not saying that you should give up your cellular phone. I am suggesting that you look into the possible dangers that it can cause you. You need to start being aware of the things that can impact your life. Here is how;

In July of 2021, two newly discovered viruses were recently discovered by two scientists in South Africa. The two viruses were dubbed as the 'Laguna Fever' and the 'Methmouth Virus'. According to these new studies; the virus that causes Laguna Fever is actually more deadly than the SARS virus. According to the press release; the virus that causes cancer is a 'mysterious' virus. Therefore, it is said that; researchers will now have a better understanding on cancer and mobile phone users in general.

Now that you know that your mobile phone can cause cancer, here is how you can protect yourself; just like you would do with your home phone. First, if you make calls away from your land line; make sure you use a mobile phone only when necessary. Second, turn off your mobile phone when you are in a crowded place such as a movie theater or church.

Last, as a precautionary measure, turn off your mobile phones when you are around small children. As a parent, you want to be sure that your child is not able to contact the virus transmitting mobile phones. Mobile phones cause cancer, so the best way to protect your loved ones is to keep them away from mobile phones. With the many new features in today's mobile phones, it is a wonder that we have not discovered this type of technology sooner.

The question might be, what does a smartphone do to cause brain cancer. One theory is that the touchscreen of a smartphone is a place where there is a lot of friction and stress. This could also be true with other phones such as a smartphone. It has been noted that people who use a cellphone on a regular basis are more likely to get Alzheimer's disease. A smartphone may indeed be one of the factors of this disease.

It has also been speculated that mobile phones may cause cancer through its proximity to radiation. Studies have indicated that mobile phone users are more likely to get skin cancer. Another study showed that teenagers and preteens are more likely to get brain cancer. So is a mobile phone one of the causes of brain cancer?

The answer is definitely yes and no. No matter how much we love and value our cell phones, they are just one of the many things in our life that may be harmful to us. Of course, they are not the only things in our life that are unhealthy for us. Excessive use of the internet by wireless internet users, video games, and browsing the internet for prolonged periods have all been associated with poor health among some younger generations. So the bottom line is: if you want to stay healthy, stay off the cell phones.