Can Your Cell Phone Read Messages
By cuterose

Can Your Cell Phone Read Messages

15/01/2022  |   568 Views

There are times when you get a call on your cell phone from someone and you want to know if the call is from your significant other or if they called you accidentally. What would happen if you could not see who was on the other end of the line? If you have a Flip phone, you won't be able to answer the phone because it won't have a camera.

You will also be unable to see all of the incoming and outgoing messages. This means you won't know if the call is important or not. What would happen if you had missed an important call and you want to return it?

Basically, you can't answer a cell phone when it doesn't have a camera because it is just not built for that. However, there are phones on the market that do have cameras built in so you can take a picture of whoever is calling you. If you receive text messages on your Flip phone, then your only option is to delete the message so that it doesn't reflect on your cell phone screen.

The only way to keep those text messages from being sent to your phone is to delete them. Of course, you have to remember to do this or else someone else will be able to see them. In fact, your child might have one of these phones and send text messages to you while you aren't even around the phone. Can you imagine what would happen if you received one of these text messages? Your first reaction may be to call the child and tell them not to text their phone because you don't want them to send any pictures or text messages to their phone.

The truth is, your child can be just as much of a problem as you are. Can you imagine what would happen if you received a phone call from your ex-wife, who claimed that she was seeing someone else? Now, instead of thinking about getting back with your ex, what do you do? You can simply not answer the call, which means your child will get the chance to know that their mommy won't be coming home until tomorrow evening. Can you imagine how that would affect your kids?

This example is just one reason why you should not let your cell phone be used when you're not in front of it. You should always keep your phone at home when you're not using it. If you want to check your email, surf the Internet, or reply to an instant message, then you should use the Flip Phone that you received from your special somebody. Not only is it safer for your kids, but it's also a smart way to make sure that nobody gets your phone number when you're not around to respond to an instant message. Remember, if you can't receive a text message on your Flip phone, then you can't send one.

Another important thing that you need to remember when your child tells you that their mother can't receive texts on her phone is that children tend to exaggerate. So even though it's true that your child can't receive texts on her Flip phone, it's not necessarily true. Your child might be referring to an incident where the phone didn't work properly and the battery ran out. Or perhaps it's the case where the battery died but the phone was undamaged.

Whatever the case, always make sure that you keep your child's cell phone with you when you're away. Even if you're just running to the store or meeting someone over coffee, leave your phone at home and monitor the activity in the room while you're gone. Kids have a lot of curiosity and they can easily get your phone by lying to you or intentionally leaving something behind.