5 Reasons Why Mobile Phone Should Be Banned in School
By cuterose

5 Reasons Why Mobile Phone Should Be Banned in School

26/11/2021  |   708 Views

Why mobile phone should be banned in school? This is a question raised by parents who worry about their children talking to people using the mobile phones in the school. This is a serious issue, as there are teenagers who are careless enough to talk on the mobile phones when they are in the playground or even in their home. Such children become the target of bullies and the troublemakers. If a child uses a mobile phone in class or in the playground, the teacher can get a report about it.

The same thing can happen in the playground if the mobile phone is not owned by the student. The school can get a complaint from the parents if the phone ring during the school hours. The mobile phone will be confiscated. The teacher can give an example and the parents of the offending child may follow such an action.

There are many other reasons why mobile phone should be banned in school. One is that the school is supposed to be a place of learning, not a place of relaxation. This is necessary because students need to concentrate on the lessons in order to improve their grades. In addition, it is the duty of the mobile phone carrier to provide the students with reliable and secure connections. If there is a problem, it is the responsibility of the school to deal with it.

Secondly, there is the privacy of the students. They cannot be too sure whether they are being monitored all the time. Some parents can monitor the activities of their children on the mobile phone. It is advisable not to let your child take a mobile phone on the buses or subways if you want them to remain safe. In other words, why a mobile phone should be banned in school is because it creates many security problems for the students.

The third reason why school administrators should ban the use of mobile phone in the classroom is because of the distraction that it causes. Distraction is dangerous for the students. When one is using a mobile phone, one is often unaware of what around him or her is happening. In effect, one can become distracted and not notice when the teacher is talking to the student, or when the student is making something funny.

The fourth reason why mobile phone should be banned in school is that cell phones have increased the problem of cheating. In most schools, cell phones are often taken even when going outside. Teachers cannot always catch the student in the act of cheating. If the cell phone is bought by the student, then the teacher may not be able to find out who the owner is. Therefore, mobile phone in schools should be restricted.

The fifth reason why mobile phone should be banned in school is that they may cause the distraction of other students. Cell phones make it easy for some students to talk on their mobile phone at the front of the class. When this happens, the others in the class might not hear the teacher talking. This can lead to problems. In addition, the mobile phone might allow the student to dial numbers that are not familiar to them causing a call to go to unlisted numbers.

With all of these reasons why mobile phone should be banned in school, it is clear to see why banning it is important. Banning the use of mobile phones in the classroom eliminates the distraction that they cause and ensure that the communication between teacher and students is not interrupted. It also ensures that there are discipline and order in the classroom. Finally, it promotes learning.