PSP Padang Siap Hadapi PSKB Bukittinggi di Semifinal Liga 3 Sumbar

PSP Padang Siap Hadapi PSKB Bukittinggi di Semifinal Liga 3 Sumbar

02/12/2021  |   117 Views - The Padang PSP team will optimize the sharpness of their attack line against PSKB Bukittinggi in the semifinals of the West Sumatra League 3 which will be held at the Bukik Bunian Stadium, Lubuk Basung, Agam Regency, on Wednesday (1/12/2021).

PSP Padang head coach Delfi Adri in Padang, Monday (11/29/2021), said the players will work hard in the match to win the match.

"We have evaluated every game and we are ready to give our best," said Delfi.

The sharpness of Psp Padang's forward players is indeed the main capital to win the match later as long as the players are able to bring out their best abilities.

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Starting from Rori Pranandi Putra with seven goals, Sahrul Akmal, Sahbandi and Ferdian Yusril with three goals, Carel Syadef and Ary Aulia with two goals and Aditya Amran, Jery Noval, M Rivaldi and Wiraja who scored one goal each.

In total, PSP Padang scored 24 goals from the six matches they played in Liga 3 2021 and all of those goals were scored by 10 PSP Padang players, and this indicates that their attack line is quite dangerous in front of the opponent's goal.

He said PSP Padang would anticipate the speed of the opposing team who relied on direct attacks to the penalty box.

"PSKB's attackers have speed and if the guarding by the defenders is correct, it can be anticipated," Delfi said to Antara.

According to him, PSP players have done field trials and indeed found the field conditions that were not feasible because of the many holes.

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"This field is uneven even though there is a lot of grass. It would be better if the semifinal and final matches were held at the Haji Agus Salim Stadium, Padang," said Delfi.

He said that both the preliminary round and the last eight which were held at the Haji Agus Salim Stadium went well and nothing benefited PSP Padang in terms of the game.

"But this is the decision of the West Sumatra PSSI Asprov and we must respect it together. We are ready to play in the semifinals later," said Delfi.