Live better with smartwatches: HUAWEI Watch GT 3 and ...

Live better with smartwatches: HUAWEI Watch GT 3 and ...

25/11/2021  |   301 Views

With the saturation of the smart watch market, it is difficult to find a watch that meets all your needs. Indeed, people had doubts about smart watches when they first came out, but they have become more and more popular since then.

Believe it or not, smart watches are worth owning. If the notification or alert sounds appealing to you at the touch of your wrist, the good news is that there may be a smartwatch for you. And you can customize it according to your lifestyle—whether it's the ease of use of the function, the appearance, or just a style preference.

Several good choices launched today (November 20) are HUAWEI Watch GT 3 and HUAWEI Watch GT Runner.HUAWEI Watch GT 3 has become more dynamic and smart, and the arrival of these new children brings an upgraded, more powerful and more convenient user experience.

The smart watch is almost similar to the extension of the wearer's body and is also a pairable smart phone accessory. Since you may wear a smart watch all day, a mini computer can be used as your smart assistant, helping you actively manage your health through various smart applications.

For health enthusiasts, they also need to be comfortable, to create a comfortable wearing experience, accurate GPS and exercise guide applications, so Huawei's answer is Watch GT Runner.

In addition, Watch GT 3 has a stylish appearance, comprehensive upgrades and a new user interface (UI) design. It is also equipped with TruSeenTM 5.0+ accurate health and fitness monitoring, 14 days of battery life, a new design and smart dynamic adjustment plan to ensure that you almost always have a battery.

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 exudes fashion and at the same time carries classic timepiece aesthetics, while Watch GT Runner is a lightweight sports fitness wearable device.

Now, you may be thinking: Which of these two should I get? Let's break it down.

Hauwei Watch GT 3

Watch GT 3 provides you with the best battery life of all smart watches on the market.Watch GT 3 42mm model can be used for up to one week, and 46mm model can be used for up to two weeks.

Long-lasting battery life allows you to use it continuously for a whole day. If you need to monitor your sleep pattern, you can even sleep in it. In addition, it can track your oxygen saturation (SpO2) level throughout the day.

This smart watch is equipped with a rotating crown, which provides sensitive tactile feedback and high-precision finger movement recognition. After removing the strap, the Watch GT 3 42mm model weighs only 35 grams, and the 46mm model weighs 42.6 grams, bringing consumers a "lighter and thinner" wearing experience.

Don't forget the additional upgrade of the health monitoring function. The accuracy of the heart rate monitor of Watch GT 3 has been greatly improved in this new version. Now, even the most intense aerobic exercise, such as skipping, sprinting and swimming, it can record perfectly.

In order to have a more comprehensive understanding of your health, this smart watch can provide all-weather, real-time and accurate SpO2, sleep, stress and menstrual cycle monitoring functions.

Watch GT 3 supports personalized health and fitness functions, including AI running coach and healthy life clover, which is Huawei's health and fitness assistant for users to keep healthy and active.

HUAWEI Watch GT Runner

At the same time, Watch GT Runner is equipped with a future scientific running plan, a running ability index and a personal regular scientific training plan so that users can accurately evaluate their performance in any sports activity and make improvements through personalized training plans.

If you need help to achieve your workout goals effectively and efficiently, then Watch GT Runner may be your best choice.

Of course, Watch GT Runner is also equipped with a heart rate monitor, combined with the sports characteristics of the smart watch, the monitor has also been greatly improved.

For those who love outdoor activities, Watch GT Runner is the first product of its kind to use a patented design with a suspended hidden antenna. This hides the positioning antenna in a patch made of polymer fiber material to reduce interference due to any metal materials. It also supports dual-frequency GNSS five-system positioning chip and provides high-precision GPS.

Huawei's brainpower: Hongmeng OS

Both HUAWEI Watch GT 3 and GT Runner run on Hongmeng operating system 2.1.The UI is clean and easy to navigate, and comes with all basic first-party applications.

In terms of functions, the new Hongmeng 2.1 further enhances the overall user experience on the wrist, and maintains a unified design with other products on the Hongmeng OS such as Huawei smartphones.

What is the restatement?

In short, Watch GT 3 has two different sizes, 46 mm and 42 mm. The difference between them is weight, display effect and long-lasting battery life.

For sports enthusiasts, Watch GT Runner is the smart watch of choice because it has a more professional running mode and is more suitable for those active and rigorous lifestyles.

From now to December 2, 46mm HUAWEI Watch GT 3 pre-orders start from RM999, and the gift is worth RM379*.

At the same time, 42mm HUAWEI Watch GT 3 can also be pre-ordered from RM999 during the same period and is eligible for an instant rebate of RM200*.Live better with smartwatches: HUAWEI Watch GT 3 and ...

If you are interested in HUAWEI Watch GT Runner, you can also pre-order it from now until December 12. Pre-order free sports gifts worth up to RM548 during this period, including HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i and HUAWEI Scale 3.Live better with smartwatches: HUAWEI Watch GT 3 and ... Huawei_3

In addition, if you purchase 42mm Watch GT 3 and HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick in bundle, you can also enjoy an instant rebate of RM300.Live better with smartwatches: HUAWEI Watch GT 3 and ...

For more information about the new HUAWEI Watch GT 3 and Watch GT Runner, please visit Huawei online store, Shopee Huawei official store or Lazada Huawei flagship store. Or you can visit Huawei’s official mobile app "My Huawei App" for more information.