Dependable Dell Laptop | Latitude D830 15.4" Screen | 4GB RAM | 160GB HDD | Windows 10 | DVD | WIFI

Dependable Dell Laptop | Latitude D830 15.4" Screen | 4GB RAM | 160GB HDD | Windows 10 | DVD | WIFI

25/11/2021  |   345 Views

Dell Latitude D-Series Laptop PC.Keep your productivity high with this budget friendly Latitude D-series Laptop.These fast and capable laptops are equipped with a Dual-Core processor and 4GB of RAM to ensure fast and efficient computing. Get online quickly with the built-in Gigabit Ethernet port. This laptop is rugged, dependable and infused with Wifi to get you online wirelessly at home, in class or your favorite local coffee shop.

Dual-Core Processor

With twice the processing power of a single-core processor, dual-core processors are a great way to ensure a fast computing experience while still getting a budget friendly laptop. Dual-core processors are capable of browsing the web, watching videos, taking notes, editing word documents and all of your day to day activities.

15 Inch Screen

Dell Latitude D830 Dimensions uses the most popular 15-inch screen. This screen size is great for maintaining portability while giving your eyes a break from the small screen of everyday life. The medium size screen provides gamers, performance level users and families alike with an amazing entertainment experience.



The more RAM, the more information a computer can work with at the same time. This generally creates a heightened performance experience.If you consider yourself an average or even power user, then 4GB of RAM is a critical feature. Whether you are editing documents, watching videos or the kids school work requires a lot of research 4GB will meet your daily needs.


The DVD-ROM is great for playing your favorite movies, allowing for this fast and portable laptop to pack an entertainment punch.Dependable Dell Laptop | Latitude D830 15.4


Ports and Slots

4 USB-The USB allows for connectivity in various activities, such as, charging your phone, plugging in mice and keyboards as well as downloading photos and videos.

Firewire-Firewire ports are like bullet trains, carrying large amount of data very quickly. Firewire ports also provides an uninterrupted signal that allows you to stream video directly from your camera through a computer or TV with no signal loss of buffering issues.

Docking Connector-The docking connector allows for the laptop the be placed in a docking station. Docking stations enable laptop users to convert it into a desktop computer when at home or at the office.

Network Port- The network port allows for quick connection to your local network or ethernet, by plugging directly into the laptop itself.

VGA- Having the ability to display your videos and computer screen to multiple different platforms is a must have in the 20thcentury.VGA outputs allow you to connect your laptop to a second monitor, increasing overall production.

Headphone and microphone- This laptop includes ports for connecting your headphones and listening to your favorite music as well as making voice calls with programs like skype.

Windows 10

The world’s most popular operating system. Windows 10 is used in personal computers, tablets, and in internet of things devices. The start menu is back, and Microsoft Edge replaces Internet Explorer and includes tools such as Web Notes, which allows users to write on visited websites, as well as Reading View, which allows users to view certain websites without the distraction of ads. In addition to the added browsing improvements, Windows 10 has the Microsoft Xbox app-built in. Gamers never have to leave their computer to play games, edit profiles, check messages, access achievement lists or see friend’s recent activity. Windows 10 will drastically outlast other Windows systems, due to its new technology not requiring a full-fledge system replacement with each improvement.